The move came as Chinese Premier Li Keqiang addressed the 18th ASEAN-China, Japan and South Korea (10+3) leaders' meeting in Malaysia, rotating chair of the 10-member bloc this year.The meeting was held weeks after the resumption of the China-Japan-South Korea tripartite summit in Seoul following a three-and-half-year hiatus.It was also staged as the ASEAN community, the first sub-regional community in Asia, is expected to take shape by the end of this year.

Putting forward a six-point proposal, Li said China stands ready to work with other parties to conclude the prolonged negotiation of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) by 2016 to promote trade and regional integration.He also said China's talks with ASEAN on the upgrading of their free trade area (FTA) will end soon. The China-ASEAN FTA is the largest among developing countries.

  • Deang Ethnic Museum in Mangshi City,Dehong
  • Zhangfeng Border and Zhangfeng Town in Longchuan County,Dehong
  • LaYing Village in Longchuan County,Dehong
  • Guanyin Temple in Longchuan County,Dehong
  • Bodhi Temple in Mangshi City,Dehong
  • Yunyan Burmese Stupa in Yinjiang County,Dehong
  • Wanding Bridge in Ruili City,Dehong
  • Five Clouds Temple(Wuyunsi) in Mangshi City,Dehong
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